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Abiloader Wheelchair Loader


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Short Description

This wheelchair lift consists of a robotic arm wheelchair hoist that opens the boot and delivers a manual wheelchair from the boot of a vehicle to the driver (and the converse), automatically. The hoist is stored behind the rear seats of the vehicle. There are two models to suit fixed frame or folding frame wheelchairs. A hatch opener is included.

Additional Info

More Details

An electric hatch opener comes as part of the Abiloader but can be fitted on its own for people who find opening the hatch on any car or SUV too difficult.)

Both models have the following features
* Rapid 25 second retrieve or store
* Flick a switch to operate
* Totally automatic
* The car retains its original looks and fuel economy
* It operates in any parking space where you can open the drivers door wide
* Transferrable between cars
* Less stress on shoulders and arms
* The Loader may be used in cars with a high rear door, vertical or slightly inclined, such as estate cars, station wagons, minivans, MPV, SUV, off roaders or 4WD
* Chair unloading is driven by two industry standard, highly reliable electrical actuators driven from the car electrical system. A third actuator, mounted on the main base, is used to open the boot, where this is not already electrically controlled
* The wheelchair is released from the mechanism with the flick of a lever
* All car seats are retained for normal use, and the chair is always protected from rain and dust

* Wheelchair weight: 25kg - normal load (up to 30kg - heavy load)
* Time of operation: 25 - 30 seconds (Trunk to driver's door or vice versa)
* Uses the car's 12 volt power

Suitable Vehicles
Refer to the vehicle suitability list on the Abiliquip website (see Supplier details)
, or ask an installer.


* This solution is both very cost effective compared to a van with a wheelchair lift, where the wheelchair user does not travel in the wheelchair
* It can be used with a variety of vehicles

Place Of Manufacture

New Zealand

Price Guide

Call Supplier for Pricing.
Price on application from Freedom Motors

Models And Options


Loader FX (Fixed Frame version)
* Wheelchair stores in line with car travel
* This goes deeper into the boot than the folding version, but leaves space at the side
* Fits when the rear door slopes strongly

Loader FO (Folding version)
* Wheelchair stores at 90 degrees to car travel
* This is the most compact, and fits a quite shallow boot but needs a wide opening
* Requires a more vertical trunk lid than the fixed frame version


Specification Standard
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 32 kg

Setup And Maintenance


All vehicles will be inspected by the installer for suitability. Some vehicles require additional support hardware or a false floor.



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Additional Images

Abiloader Loading Abiloader In Boot Abiloader


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Freedom Motors Australia Pty Ltd (ACT)
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Freedom Motors Australia Pty Ltd (NSW)
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Fax: 02 9673 4264
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Toll Free: 1800 672 437
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Freedom Motors Australia Pty Ltd (WA)
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Sales: 0417 930 916
PME Auto Conversions (prev Problem Management Engineering)
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Sales: 02 9482 2808
Fax: 02 9476 6046
Contact Person: Bill Georgas


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