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Encore Pedal Wheelchair

Encore Wheelchair

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Short Description

The Encore Pedal Chair is a manual wheelchair which enables users to self-propel either via the unique front-mounted mag wheels or pedal with their feet increasing their mobility and independence.
It comes standard with universal legrest mounts and has an optional Dynamic Rocking feature. Comfort Tension Seating and up to 33 degrees of infinitely adjustable tilt-in-space provides therapeutic pressure redistribution aiding in the treatment of pressure ulcers and pain management.

Additional Info

More Details

* The adjustable low floor-to-seat height paired with a front pivot seat tilt provides a proper foot-on-floor placement which enables individuals for efficient movement and allows them to continue to socialise and engage with their surroundings, maintaining their quality of life.

* Comes standard with mag wheels, a short back, and universal legrest mounts.

Broda's Comfort tension Seating
* Redistributes pressure to help prevent skin breakdown.
* Creates air flow for heat and moisture exchange.
* Contours to the body for long term sitting comfort.
* Memory retension allows straps to return to their original shape within seconds for long term and multi resident use.

Dynamic Rocking
* Has been seen to reduce depression, anxiety, and reduction in pain medication specifically for those with dementia or Alzheimer's. Please refer to the manufacturer's website for references on this topic.
* Dynamic Rocking is caregiver activated for patient safety which is critical in the long-term and complex care setting.


Wheelchair Restraints
When transporting a person in a wheelchair in a car or van, both the occupant and the wheelchair require a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) approved restraint system. The wheelchair and the occupant need to be separately secured to the vehicle itself.
RMS approval is not required for a postural support, such as a harness that supports the user in the wheelchair but is not part of the vehicle restraint system.
The use of a headrest is not legally required but strongly recommended. Easily detachable, folding headrests which fit a wheelchair with standard push handles are available.
Contact the supplier or refer to section Wheelchair, Scooter, Cushions, ramps / Postural Supports - Seating System: Restraint+Head+Back+Seats

Place Of Manufacture


Models And Options


Two models of the Broda Mobility Chairs available:
* Encore Pedal Chair (Model 48V4)
* Encore Pedal Rocker Model (48RV4)

Encore Pedal Chair
* Up to 25 degrees seat tilt
* Adjustable seat height of 36cm - 48cm
* Seat width 46cm or 51cm
* Seat depth 43cm
* Weight Capacity 114Kg
* Broda Comfort Tension Seating
* 16 Gauge powder coated tubular steel frame
* Height adjustable armrests
* Adjustable removable wings for upper lateral support
* Five inch front total-lock castors
* Five inch rear fixed castors with locks
* Option to have swing away footrests
* Option to have front mounted mag wheel package

Encore Pedal Rocker
* Adjustable rocking action is ideal for Alzheimer?s and Parkinson's Disease clients
* Up to 33 degrees seat tilt when tilt is combined with rocking function
* Adjustable seat height of 36cm - 48cm
* Seat width 46cm or 51cm
* Seat depth 46cm
* Weight Capacity 159Kg
* Broda Comfort Tension Seating
* 16 Gauge powder coated tubular steel frame
* Height adjustable armrests
* Adjustable removable wings for upper lateral support
* Five inch front total-lock castors
* Five inch rear fixed castors with locks
* Option to have swing away footrests
* Option to have front mounted mag wheel package


A wide range of upholstery and frame colours are available.
Foot supports, specialty padding packages, trays, and positioning belts are also available


Specification Chair Rocker
Armrest Height (from seat) Unknown Unknown
Backrest Height 55, 81, 85 or 88 mm 55, 81, 85 or 88 mm
Backrest Recline Angle Unknown Unknown
Legrest Length Unknown Unknown
Load Capacity (supplier stated) 114 kg 158 kg
Seat Depth 43, 46 or 50 mm 39, 43, 46 or 50 mm
Seat Width 40, 45, 50, 55, 61, 66 or 71 mm 40, 45, 50 or 55 mm
Tilt In Space Range From 0 degr to 25 degr From 0 degr to 33 degr
Weight (kg) Unknown Unknown

Setup And Maintenance


All wheelchairs require regular maintenance. Refer to User Manual for specific details.



Some assistive technology needs to meet Australian or other standards. Standards may relate to materials, manufacturing and installation. Products that meet Australian or international standards will have written certification. To find out if a product meets Australian Standards ask the supplier to show you the certificate. For more information about standards also see

Many of the items on the Assistive Technology Australia website are categorised as a Medical Device. Medical devices that are approved for use in Australia have been entered into a national database called the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG), which is maintained by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). You can ask the supplier for the ARTG number for the device you wish to purchase and search the ARTG for the entry. To access information on the ARTG visit

When buying a medical device it is advisable to only choose a medical device that is recommended by a healthcare professional and has been included on the ARTG.

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Encore Pedal Rocker


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