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Go Loo Uniloo
Tags: Urinals, Unisex, Plastic, Adult, Disposable, Measurement Facility, Odour Control

Uniloo is a disposable urinal that can be used by either men or women in standing, sitting or lying. It contains an absorbent pad which can assimilate up to 600ml of urine and convert it to an odour retardant solid gel. It can only be purchased in a box with 50 items.

Approximate Price: $138
Homecraft Mini Potti

A portable, reusable, urine collection pouch. Suitable for use by men, women and children.

Approximate Price: $68
Stokes Stainless Steel Male Urinal
Tags: Urinals, Male, Stainless Steel, Adult, Sterilisable

A stainless steel male urinal, with large loop handle. Stands upright or can hang on a hook when not in use. No graduated measurements on its side. Has a one litre capacity and 70mm diameter neck. Autoclavable or boiling water to clean.

Approximate Price: $58
Spil-Pruf Male/Female Urinal
Tags: Urinals, Female, Male, Adult, Measurement Facility, Spill Proof, Plastic

A polypropylene urinal with male or additional female spout. The spout incorporates a non return valve which prevents spillage of urine if urinal is over tuned. Available in blue polypropylene and can be sterilised by disinfectant solution or autoclaved. Urinal has a large handle. The spout is locked in by a collar ring and must be removed to empty urinal.

Approximate Price: $55
Jomor Urinal Bottle Holder
Tags: Urinals, Stainless Steel, Holder

A circular urinal bottle holder with a hook for attaching it to the side of a hospital style bed. It is available in stainless steel or nylon coated. One size is available.

Approximate Price: $45
Male Urine CareBag
Tags: Urinals, Male, Plastic, Adult, Paediatric, Disposable, Odour Control, Travel

A disposable plastic bag to be used as a male urinal. The bag contains an anti odour absorbent pad which turns to gel when moistened with up to 450ml of fluid. The absorbent pad can be flushed, or tied up and thrown out with the general waste. It is not toxic if burnt. The bag fastens with a drawstring.

Approximate Price: $32
Urinal Bedside Holder
Tags: Urinals, Adult, Holder

A bedside urinal holder which is sturdily constructed and coated in white nylon with stainless steel fittings. Can be fitted to any hospital type bed. The holder is concealed by bed covers and the urinal is readily available to the person in bed.

Approximate Price: $28
Surgipack Male Urinal
Tags: Urinals, Male, Plastic, Lid, Measurement Facility, Sterilisable

A blue plastic urinal with a handle and screw on lid. It is flattened on the base and underside for stable positioning. It is marked in 50ml gradations 100 to 1000 mls.

Approximate Price: $26