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Assistive Technology Guide - Door Intercom Systems

Door intercom systems consist of a station at the entrance to a dwelling or building and one or more receivers in the dwelling, apartments or offices. They are operated by pushbutton at the entrance and by either a pushbutton, telephone handset or handsfree unit within the building.

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Kambrook Wireless Door Chime

A wireless door chime that chimes and flashes when the door bell rings. It consists of a push button transmitter and a receiver that plugs into any powerpoint. The transmitter is battery powered.

Approximate Price: $33
Portable Door Chime With Strobe LIght

A battery operated portable, wireless door bell that uses an amplified ringer with strobe light to notify it's user that someone is at the door. It has a range of up to 30 metres both indoors and outdoors. This high volume doorbell has seven melodies to choose between.

Approximate Price: $77

A battery operated door chime that can be used as a security detection device. It senses any object moving in front of it to a distance of up to five metres. It gives a 'ding'dong' sound and has an in built traffic counter. The unit can be mounted on a wall or a hanger.

Approximate Price: $50