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1-Up The One Hand Hair Tie
Tags: Grooming, Applicators, Hair, Adult, Paediatric

A range of one handed hair ties made of elastic and a plastic toggle. They assist a person with the use of one hand to tie their hair into a pony tail, or use as a head band. They are available in a range of colours and with various decorative accessories.

Approximate Price: $4
Assistive Technology Guide - Electric Shavers

Some shavers will be easier than others for people with a disability to use independently and consideration should be given to their features when buying a new shaver.

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Back Spa
Tags: Grooming, Brush, Washing, Grip Adaptor, Sponges, Adult

This long back scrubber is made of soft bristles and has a handle at each end. It is designed for massaging and cleaning the back. It can also be used on the soles of the feet while seated or lying in the bath. The opposite side of Back Spa has ''bumps'' for massaging.

Approximate Price: $30
Bio Magic Compressed Towel And Washer
Tags: Grooming, Cloth, Drying, Washing, Adult, Paediatric

A towel and washer compacted into small disks for convenience of storage and carrying. When required, they are placed in water and grow to a normal size within minutes. The wash cloth is available in various colours.

Approximate Price: $4
CCP Hair Shampoo Cap
Tags: Grooming, Washing, Hair, Adult, Rinse Free

A waterless, rinse free system consisting of a disposable cap with inbuilt shampoo and conditioner. The contents are massaged through the wearer's hair.

Approximate Price: $5
Chrome Vanity Mirror x5 Magnification
Tags: Grooming, Mirror, Adult

A circular mirror suspended on a chrome metal stand. One side of the mirror provides a normal viewing image, the other side gives a 5X magnified image. The mirror is adjustable in angle.

Approximate Price: $38
Collis Curve Three Sided Toothbrush
Tags: Oral Care, Brush, Dentures, Teeth, Adult, Paediatric

A toothbrush with three rows of curved bristles to clean tooth surfaces and massage the gums at the same time. The outer, longer bristles are soft and curved to clean the sides of the teeth and gums, while the centre bristles are firm and short to clean the tops of the teeth. Available in five models.

Approximate Price: $4
Comfort Bath Essential Cleansing Washcloths
Tags: Grooming, Washing, Cloth, Adult, Paediatric, Disposable, Rinse Free

Comfort Bath provides a rinse free, full body bath in a microwaveable package containing disposable pre-moistened wash cloths. The washcloths help improve skin integrity and delivers hygienic cleansing and moisturising in one step. Each cloth is used for a designated body area then discarded.

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