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Tags: Person, Harness, Adult, Paediatric, Restraints

Padded boomerang or H style chest harnesses and pelvic straps for children and adults. Available in three sizes. Customised for very young children. A consent form must be signed prior to use.

Approximate Price: $40
Tags: Person, Belt, Restraints

Webbing which can be used for slings or harnesses. Available in polyester and cotton.

Call supplier for a price
Denyers Patient Restraint Strap - WCA105
Tags: Person, Belt, Adult, Wheelchair, Restraints

A safety lap belt with buckle, that fits onto Denyer wheelchairs.

Approximate Price: $47
Tags: Person, Belt, Adult, Wheelchair, Paediatric, Restraints

Glide wheelchairs have various optional extras including lap seat belts with various connections.

Approximate Price: $120
Lap Belt - 402
Tags: Person, Belt, Adult, Chair, Restraints

A webbing belt for use on wheelchairs, dining chairs and some armchairs to prevent a person from sliding down. Adjustable in length. Closes with a Fastex buckle. The belt has a loop at either end and is attached to the chair by lassoeing through the loop and around the chair frame near the pelvic area.

Approximate Price: $36
Medifab Spex Hip Belts and Harnesses
Tags: Person, Harness, Adult, Paediatric, Restraints

A range of hip belts and harnesses suitable for children and adults.

Approximate Price: $200
Otto Bock Chest Pads & Belts
Tags: Person, Vest, Paediatric, Chair, Wheelchair, Belt, Restraints

A system of belts and pads to provide correct seating and positioning in a wheelchair or seat shell. Consists of vest supports, groin straps, a pelvic band, thoracic belt and pelvic belt.

Approximate Price: $102
Patient Handling Chair Belt
Tags: Person, Belt, Adult, Paediatric, Chair, Wheelchair, Restraints

The chair belt is made from webbing and consists of two components sewn together. One part goes around the patient?s waist and buckles in the front. The other part is designed to be fastened behind the chair. The belt will adjust to fit a lounge chair, wheelchair or commode.

Approximate Price: $23