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Maxi Twin Compact

ArjoHuntleigh Maxi Twin And Maxi Twin Compact Hoist

A battery powered, mobile hoist which can lift from the floor. It features a double mast and a curved boom. The Maxi Twin has interchangeable loop spreader bars for a variety of slings. The DPS tilt spreader bar is available in manual or powered versions. Maxi Twin Compact is a smaller model with DPS powered spreader bar only. Suitable for domestic and commercial use. Suitable for bariatric use.

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Features: Scale, Falls Prevention


* Electronic weigh scale
* Low height castors
* Spreader bar padding
* Range of spreader bars
* Dynamic Positioning System (DPS)

  Maxi Twin Compact
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More Details

This hoist has twin angled masts and a curved single boom. The masts also serve as push handles for the hoist

Spreader bars
* Three sizes of loop spreader bars are available for use with the hoist
* A quick release pin connecting the spreader bar to the boom enables quick removal and fitting of the different sizes
* A tilting frame (Dynamic Positioning System) is available in a manual or powered version. The powered version is operated via additional push buttons on the hand held control and is standard on the Maxi Twin Compact model.

. Available in a range of styles, including loop and clip attachment designs.

* Operated via a hand held remote control on an extendable cord
* Push buttons operate the raise and lower functions, and the leg opening and closing functions. The legs work independently of one another so that if one encounters an obstacle (such as a wall or bed) it will stop while the other continues to open
* All functions are battery powered
* There are two holders on the hoist designed to take and fix the remote control if required.

Power Source
* Supplied via removable batteries with a LED Battery Discharge Indicator which displays battery charge remaining
* A buzzing sound indicates when the battery needs to be charged

Battery Charging
The battery is removed from the hoist and placed in the recharge holder and connecting it to a mains power point.

* Twin castors, 100mm diameter
* The two rear castors are lockable

Safety Features
Include an emergency stop button, system failure override, and an automatic safety cut-out if the hoist is lowered onto an obstacle

Option Details
* Low height castors (75mm diameter)
* Range of spreader bars (large loop, medium loop, small loop)
* Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) - manual or powered (powered is standard on the Maxi Twin Compact)

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Price Guide

$6405.00 Maxi Twin Compact
$6405.00 Maxi Twin, Powered DPS, 4 point hanger
Each hoist comes with 2 batteries, 1 charger and 1 sling


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