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Etac Cloo With Armrests

Etac Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser

A height adjustable toilet seat raiser that is available with or without armrests. The raiser is attached to the rear of the toilet bowl and can be adjusted to three different heights and angled if required. A lid is included. Suitable for adults.

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Features: Height Adjustable, Portable, Falls Prevention
  Etac Cloo With Armrests
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Approximate Price: $230

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Last updated: Apr 11 2016

More Details

* Manufactured from plastic with aluminium fittings
* Colour is white with white/grey armrests

* Available with or without detachable arm
* The armrests lift up and can be removed if required
* They can be fixed in position to provide more stability
* Cloo can be used with only one arm support if space around the toilet is

Height and Angle Adjustment
* The seat height is adjusted by changing the toilet seat adjustors
* There is a choice of three height positions 60, 100 and 140mm
* The seat can also be set with an anterior tilt which facilitates sitting down and standing up for users with reduced mobility in hip or knee joints.

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$230 Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser - 8030 1204
$299 Cloo Toilet Seat Raiser with Armrests - 8030 1214


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Aidacare (TAS - Hobart) Kingston, TAS, Australia Sales: 03 6229 4733
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Aidacare (TAS - Launceston) Launceston, TAS, Australia Sales: 1300 133 120
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Daily Living Products (WA - Wanneroo) Wanneroo, WA, Australia Sales: 08 9206 2391
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Evocare Enoggera, QLD, Australia Sales: 07 3355 8000
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HospEquip (WA) Canning Vale, WA, Australia Sales: 08 9456 1661
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Maroochydore Home Health Care Birtinya, QLD, Australia Sales: 07 53095247
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McLean Healthcare Launceston, TAS, Australia Sales: 03 6331 7400
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Medistore Australia Lane Cove, NSW, Australia Sales: 1300 882 194
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The Wheelchair Factory (ACT) Kalgoorlie Crescent, ACT, Australia Sales: 02 6288 3106
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