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Ultimate 1& Alarm

Malem Bedwetting Alarms

A range of enuresis alarms for different applications. Models include alarms with a single or multiple tones, alarms that are silent (vibratory) and alarms with a visual (flashing light) and also alarms which are a combination of these. There is also a wireless model and an alarm that delivers a recorded message that has been input by the user.

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Features: Auditory, Vibratory, Visual
  Ultimate 1& Alarm
Image Gallery: Ultimate 1& Alarm Wireless Alarm Visual Alarm
Approximate Price: $205

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Last updated: Feb 24 2016

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* Malem bodyworn alarms are smaller than a matchbox
* The alarms are attached over the shoulder (collar bone / clavicle) - close to the ear)
* The Malem wetness sensor is smaller than a postage stamp and is positioned close to where wetness will first appear
* This sensor will detect wetness earlier, and with less disturbance of the bed, than when using a "mat" placed under the sheet
* The supplier web site states that research has found that body worn alarms are preferred by many children and parents


* Before using a bed wetting alarm or urinary drainage products it is recommended that you seek advice from a continence health professional. Contact the the National Continence Helpline for further information (see Continence Foundation of Australia in price details for Helpline phone number).

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Prices from Bedwetting Institute
Starts from $205.00 - Ultimate Range

For advice please contact the Continence Foundation of Australia - National Branch 1800 330 066 (Helpline). They do not supply products.


Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, the Independent Living Centre New South Wales (ILCNSW) is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by the ILCNSW for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. As information is subject to change any enquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.


Supplier Location Contact Website
Bedwetting Institute Glebe, NSW, Australia Sales: 1300 135 792
Fax: 02 8210 5125
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Malem / Medstat Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia Sales: 1800 803 756
Fax: 07 5478 5024
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The Bedwetting Shop New Farm, QLD, Australia Sales: 1300 835 464
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