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Monitoring system

Staydry Incontinence Monitoring System

A simple radio controlled incontinence monitoring system which consists of a thin plastic reusable detector strip worn inside pants, disposable or cloth nappy and an alarm unit. The transmitter immediately detects the presence of urine as soon as a flow commences and sets off an audible alarm which wakes the child / adult. As soon as the user wakes, the urine flow ceases and prevents wetting the bed.

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  Monitoring system
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More Details

* The detector strip is connected to a coded signal radio transmitter which is activated when the detector strip comes in contact with urine or faeces
* The radio signal causes an alarm signal to be generated from the alarm unit which can be supplied with either audible, flashing light or vibratory alarm indicators
* The detector strips can be reused a number of times provided they are thoroughly washed as soon after being used as possible
* Not suitable for use in areas of high humidity unless air conditioning is used. The high humidity can cause false alarms
* A dry state is usually achieved in children in 4-6 weeks
* The system is used as part of a continence monitoring programme. This consists of three key elements:-
* An enuresis / continence alarm and management programme
* Support from a trained consultant who maintains regular contact with the client's family
* Detailed analysis of the diet to look for variations in urine flow caused by various foods


* Before using a bed wetting alarm or urinary drainage products it is recommended that you seek advice from a continence health professional. Contact the the National Continence Helpline for further information (see Continence Foundation of Australia in price details for Helpline phone number).

Place Of Manufacture

DCT Associates (SA) Australia

Price Guide

Price from DCT
$3.60 Cloth sleeve
$14.40 Urine detector strips
$30.00 Replacement battery pack
$36.00 Siren attachment
$716.00 Staydry continence monitor

For advice please contact the Continence Foundation of Australia - National Branch 1800 330 066 (Helpline). They do not supply products.


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DCT Associates Pty Ltd Athelstone, SA, Australia Sales: 08 8337 1414
Fax: 08 8365 5662
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