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Apex Rotating Mattress

Apex Neoturn 5300 Rotating Pressure Mattress System - UNAVAILABLE (Deleted)

A mains powered, electrically operated alternating air mattress replacement designed for pressure reduction in high and very high risk users or those with existing pressure injurys up to stage four. A lateral rotation mode enables the user to be turned to varying degrees of side lying. It has a two way stretch, water resistant and vapour permeable (breathable) cover, which is removable. Available in single bed size only.

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Features: Alternating Air, Water Resistant
  Apex Rotating Mattress
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Approximate Price: $4000

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Last updated: Dec 7 2015

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The system consists of a portable pump unit and mattress made from nylon, laminated with polyurethane. A separate mattress cover completes the system.

The mattress features individual cylindrical air cells that span the full width. Three cells spanning the length of the mattress are located beneath these and provide the mechanism for turning. Side safety cushions are also present. The cells press stud into place and are separate from the base and each other so that they can be removed and replaced if punctured.

The pump supplies air to each alternate cell resulting in a cycle of alternative inflation and deflation. There are four choices for length of the cycle. The three air cells at the head end remain at a constant pressure to minimise the sensation of movement for the user. The cells in the main trunk area feature low air loss, designed to improve air circulation around the user and reduce perspiration. A static mode of inflation is also present.

* Consists of a 5cm foam base, 17 air cells spanning across the mattress, and three air cells spanning the length of the mattress
* Inflated cushions at either side of the mattress provide additional comfort and safety during use of the turning mode
* Low air loss cells in the main trunk area are designed to maximise air circulation around the client and minimise perspiration
* A cell within cell design allows quick inflation / deflation and provides additional support in case of power failure, remaining inflated when the pump is unable to supply air pressure

* A separate, water resistant cover with two way stretch is provided
* This cover is breathable (vapour permeable) and has microbial properties
* It covers the entire mattress and attaches with a zipper

* Is via securing straps with hook and loop fastening, which can be secured underneath the existing mattress or underneath the mattress overlay
* The base of the mattress cover also has slip resistant qualities

Pump / Controls
* A separate, portable alternating pressure pump
* Features digital control of alternating cycle time and pressure range, turning angle and times, panel lock to prevent accidental changes to settings, autofirm (for quick inflation at set up) and static mode
* There is a written guide on back of the pump for reference
* The pump has a bracket attachment to enable it to be hung on the bed frame if desired
* Air hoses are covered with a nylon cover to prevent accumulation of dust
* The air hoses have spring loaded CPC connectors which minimise accidental disconnection and are spring loaded, preventing kinks or bending
* Pressure range adjustable: 6 levels
* Cycle times: 5, 10, 15 and 20mins
* Pump output: >20L/min
* Turning angle: 8 levels
* Turning speed: 3 intervals
* Turning pause time: 5 intervals

Safety Features
* The pump features a low pressure warning signal, which is audible and visible, and indicates pressures 5mmHg less than set pressure
* The overlay has an emergency CPR release handle, which allows rapid deflation of the mattress for cardiopulmonary resuscitation
* The foam base of the mattress provides some minimal pressure dispersion in the event of power failure

* Wipe clean with non phenyl based cleaner

* Check the mattress replacement daily for punctures or air loss


All pressure reduction products must be monitored to prevent 'bottoming out'. This occurs when the user's weight bears down so hard on the product material that it is flattened and the bony parts are pressed against the surface below the cushion or mattress. Where bottoming out occurs even with correct use (eg correct inflation levels), a different product may need to be considered.

The mattress can be punctured and specific inflation levels are critical (see manufacturer's instructions).

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Price from GMS Rehabilitation
$4000 Neoturn 5300 (includes pump and mattress)


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