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Aerolet Toiletlift

Aerolet Toilet Lift

An electrically operated toilet seat lifter. It features adjustable height arm supports and is adjusted to the leg length of the user. The push button controls are located on either arm support. Load capacity is 125kg. A lifter for heavier people can be made to order. A range of options and models is available. It does not have a lid.

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Features: Height Adjustable, Powered, Falls Prevention


Right or Left Hand Operation Controls can be specially ordered for optimal access for the individual user.

AER-10 Hand Control set
AER-11 Arm support foldaway (left)
AER-12 Finger control knobs ...

  Aerolet Toiletlift
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Last updated: Apr 11 2016

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Materials: It is made from sturdy non corrosive materials: stainless steel, galvanized steel, Rilsan coating, with durable ABS plastic covers and toilet seat
Controls: The push button controls are located on the left or right armrest. The arm supports are height adjustable with an optional swing away action.
Colour is white

The lifting movement is based on the natural stand up motion. It moves the trunk forwards and the centre of gravity is brought above the feet. The users feet stay in contact with the floor throughout the movement. The user requires minimum 25% of muscular strength.

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Economic Holland (Holland)

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