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Assistive Technology Guide - Electric Knives

Electric knives take the effort out of carving and slicing for people who have weak or painful hands. Electric knives need to be fitted together and plugged in, then taken apart for cleaning. These extra tasks need to be taken into account when assessing the labour saving benefits of an electric knife.

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Features: Mounted, Powered, Stabilised, Modified Grip, Multiple Use
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* Electric or cordless
* Safety switch
* Blade lock
* Push button or switch control
* Product to help remove two or three point electrical plug from the power point

* Available from electrical goods retailers

* For further information check CHOICE magazine or talk to an electric retailer or appliance centre


* Ease of use
* Ease of assembly
* Ease of cleaning
* Weight of knife
* Ease and comfort of holding
* Length of cord [electric]
* Likelihood of pressing blade release accidentally during operation
* Length of time between recharging [cordless]
* Noise level
* Amount of vibration
* Length and conditions of warranty


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