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Compic Pictographs

Compic (COMmunication PICtographs) Software

COMPIC is a comprehensive library of computer-generated pictographs. These simple line drawings are used to represent a word or a concept. Using pictographs and images in communication aids can assist people with little or no speech, poor literacy skills or language barriers. Available on CD or USB.

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Features: Visual Output, Direct Access, Single Message
  Compic Pictographs
Image Gallery: Compic Pictographs
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Last updated: Feb 17 2016

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* Pictographs can be used by people with communication difficulties due to physical disability or acquired head injury, people with poor literacy skills or english as their second language
* User friendly programs have been designed for teachers, parents,
therapists and assistants
* COMPIC pictographs are based on international symbol conventions and represent a wide range of concepts, activities and objects
* The CD or USB install directly on to your computer. It is compatible for use with Boardmaker and other pictographic sets such as PCS (Picture Communication Symbols) and Softpics
* The software allows the pictographs to be formatted to create a wide variety of resources and documents in a professional manner. This allows people without communication and literacy skills to access written information through a visual representation.
* One screen presents a picking list, a preview of the word, the actual aid being created and the properties box for changing the font, text etc.

* More than 1200 pictographs, representing a wide range of concepts, activities and objects
* Option of USB or CD format
* Includes colour and black-and-white images

Place Of Manufacture

Victoria, Australia


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Scope VIC Ltd - Communication Resource Centre Box Hill, VIC, Australia Sales: 03 9843 3000
Fax: 03 9843 2030
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