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Key Safe

Tunstall T400 Telecare Emergency Call System - Unavail (Deleted)

A telephone based personal alarm call system that is monitored or unmonitored. It features a lightweight water resistant transmitter worn as a pendant on a neck cord, on a wristwatch strap or clipped to clothing. Designed to enable people who are at home alone to call for assistance when required. A range of modified transmitter controls is available.

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Features: Supplier, Telephone, Falls Prevention


* Flood detector
* Fall detector
* Occupancy / Security detector
* Fire Alarm detector / integration
* Convulsion (movement) detectors
* Natural gas detector
* Carbon monoxide detector
* Enuresis a...

  Key Safe
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More Details

. Red alarm buttons are located on the receiver unit or on a body worn transmitter
. The pendant transmitter is called an "Amie" (smaller unit) or "Gem" (larger flat faced unit) and can be worn as a pendant around the neck or around the wrist on a wristband or clipped to clothing. The neck pendant has a nylon cord with a plastic clip that will break away in the event of excessive force (to prevent choking). The pendant is water resistant and can be worn in a shower. It can also be wall mounted. The pendant battery lasts 10 years.
. The transmitter can operate up to 30 - 40 metres from the alarm unit. This may be affecting by building material used in the home.
. Battery status of the transmitter is monitored by the centre.
. For individuals who experience difficulty operating the Amie pendant, alternative switch options are available such as the Pneumatic Switch and the Puffer Switch (see Options)

. The receiver unit is incorporated into the emergency call unit. The client`s standard telephone usually sits near the Tunstall 400 and Tunstall 4000 unit. A large red illuminated call button on each of the units can be used to activate a distress call. A cancel button can be used to cancel an accidental call within a programmed period (eg 10 seconds).
. The receiver will give an audible warning in the event of telephone line disconnection or mains power failure (followed by an auto call to the centre an hour later).
. Yellow Away Button is located on the receiver unit. This is pressed (illuminated) when the client goes away. If any sensor is activated, the monitoring centre will still contact people on the list even though they are aware that the client is not there.

In case of mains power failure the Tunstall Response systems have a back up battery. Stand-by battery capacity is 600m Ah (continuously internally recharged). Minimum expected battery backup time at date of purchase (and when fully charged): 20 hours of stand-by operation, 15 hours with one five minute alarm call. Batteries able to be replaced by carer / resident. Batteries should last for up to 5 years.

Monitored System
The Tunstall Response systems are primarily used as monitored systems, linked with a monitoring centre. Systems are monitored 24 hours per day by the monitoring centre selected by the client.

Unmonitored System
They can also be used as a non monitored system. The T400 can dial up to six phone numbers. It will call the first number and if no answer, call the second number etc, until the sequence is broken. The sequence can be broken by the person receiving the call pressing a code on their phone keypad. On the T400 model, beeps are heard by the person receiving the call so they are alerted to an incoming emergency call. The T4000 model can dial up to ten numbers and allows a personalised alarm message to be set.

. The unit can be programmed remotely by the monitoring centre, to enable tailoring for individual needs.
. Programming includes adjusting the delay period between pressing the button and delivery of the alarm signal to the monitoring centre; automatic 12 or 24 hourly self testing of the system.
. Voice Back Feature - automatically answers an incoming emergency call in the hands free mode allowing immediate voice contact with an operator. The operator has the ability to listen during emergencies. General incoming phone calls can also be answered by simply pressing the wrist watch or pendant and using the hands free mode.
. The alarm will override any other telephone function (eg phone off the hook) on the phone line to which it is connected. If there is more than one handset connected to the same phone line (eg second phone in the bedroom), a Mode 3 socket will need to be installed (see INSTALLATION).

GSM Module
* The GSM module is a device which connects to a Tunstall Connect+ personal alarm unit and enables the alarm to dial out using the mobile phone network.
* This is for people who don't have a landline but want to be connected with a Tunstall alarm or for retirement living facilities which require a community alarm to be located where a phone connection is not available.
* The GSM module requires a SIM card. Users can request a second SIM card on their current mobile plan from their telecommunications provider.

Option Details
A range of integrated home safety options are available with this system including
* Flood detector
* Fall detector
* Occupancy / Security detector
* Fire Alarm detector / integration
* Convulsion (movement) detectors
* Natural gas detector
* Carbon monoxide detector
* Enuresis alarm
* Temperature extremes sensor
* Pillow Alert - vibrates to provide an alert to a sleeping user. This alarm can be interfaced with a smoke alarm and is specifically designed for users with hearing difficulties
* Bed sensors - activate when pressure is removed. Are placed under the mattress. Activation can be delayed (eg to allow normal visits to the toilet)
* Gem or Amie Easy Press Adapter - an adapter for the Gem personal radio trigger makes it easier for people with limited dexterity to activate an alarm call.
The clear plastic adapter clicks securely into the back of the Gem or Amie providing the user with a larger surface area to press and raise an alarm with little effort. This is worn around the neck.
* Radio Output Module 'ROM' - allows other compatible devices, to transmit a signal to a Tunstall home unit and other Tunstall Telecare enabled systems. Tunstall's ROM eliminates the need to hard wire a sensor or detector to the alarm unit
* Key Safe - holds up to five keys and attaches securely to any wall or flat surface with mounting hardware included. Enables safe and secure storage of a spare key conveniently located for emergency access


A client call to the monitoring service, regardless of whether it is an emergency or a routine check, will incur a local call charge to the client.

Although it is possible to program 000 into an auto dialler, it is important to be aware that 000 calls from automated devices (such as auto diallers) may result in a delayed response from emergency services, or even no response. If the caller is not able to speak, this may initiate a 'Caller No Respond' protocol. When this is initiated, the result may be that the call is disconnected.

Refer to <> or <> for more information.

Connecting Medical Alarms to the National Broadband Network
The National Broadband Network (NBN) is planned to provide a high-speed optical fibre connection to 93% of Australians, with the remaining 7% in non-urban areas served by a lower speed wireless or satellite service.

If built as proposed, the NBN will ultimately replace the copper network and looks set to make all other public fixed-line telecommunications networks in Australia obsolete.

Medical alarms supplied by PERSA are expected to work correctly when connected to the NBN. PERSA is the Personal Emergency Response Services Association. Current members are listed on the PERSA website <>.

However it should be noted that the battery back-up time on the NBN is very short, and will only work for a few hours during a power failure in customer's premises. So this may mean equipment relying on this will not work if there is an extended power failure.

It is also vitally important that your equipment is set-up correctly to work with your medical alarm, and that your selected Retail Service Provider can support that set-up.

If the NBN is rolling-out in your area, you need to call your medical alarm service BEFORE YOU SIGN ANY CONTRACT FOR THE NBN SERVICE.

Your medical alarm service will assist you to select a retail service provider that can support the continued operation of your medical alarm over the NBN.

Place Of Manufacture

United Kingdom

Price Guide

Products available for either purchase or rental. An installation cost is generally charged for either. Monitoring costs are ongoing.
Prices vary between suppliers


Whilst all care is taken to provide accurate information with respect to the item described, the Independent Living Centre New South Wales (ILCNSW) is not involved in product design or manufacture, and therefore not in a position to guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. Selection of equipment, which is both suitable and appropriate for individual needs remains the responsibility of the person(s) considering requisition, and no responsibility is taken by the ILCNSW for any loss or injury caused through use of the equipment or alleged to have arisen through reliance upon information provided. As information is subject to change any enquiries should be directed to the manufacturer.


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Australian Red Cross - Tasmania (Emergency Alarms) Hobart, TAS, Australia Sales: 03 6235 6034
Toll Free: 1800 246 850
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BCS Care Call Emergency Response Service Marsfield, NSW, Australia Sales: 1300 130 100
Fax: 02 9870 8640
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Calvary Community Care -Sydney (formerly Calvary Silver Circle) Surry Hills, NSW, Australia Sales: 02 9281 5444
Fax: 02 9281 5570
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Care On Call Belconnen, ACT, Australia Sales: 02 6253 3868
Fax: 02 6251 8723
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Constant Companion Artarmon, NSW, Australia Sales: 02 9777 7836
Fax: 02 9410 2960
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Silver Chain NSW Rouse Hill, NSW, Australia Sales: 1300 557 551
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Telecare Connect Collingwood, VIC, Australia Sales: 03 9270 9937
Fax: 03 9270 9970
Tunstall Australasia Pty Ltd Eagle Farm, QLD, Australia Sales: 07 3637 2200
Toll Free: 1800 611 528 Sales & Product Enquiries
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Tunstall LifeCare NZ Tauranga 3110, NEW ZEALAND Sales: 0800 488 678
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