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Inclined Elevator

Stairlift Inclined Elevators - Unavail (Deleted)

Stairlift Co are manufacturers of external inclined elevators designed to individual requirements including wheelchair access. They feature a monorail with a rack and pinion drive, fully automatic push button control with recall buttons and lighting at all landings. Outdoor use only. If these lifts are to be used in a public building they must comply with the relevant Australian Standard. Contact the supplier for details.

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Features: Stand Up, Outdoor, Wheelchair, Falls Prevention
  Inclined Elevator
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Approximate Price: $30000

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Last updated: Nov 10 2015

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. All lifts are inspected by Workcover Authority of NSW on completion.
. 2hp heavy duty brake gear motor.


Lift registration
In NSW the owner or controller of the lift (if not the owner) is required to register their lift with WorkCover. They need to complete the WorkCover form PIR (Plant Item Registration)January 2011 Application for the registration of an item of plant

A fee of $65 is charged for a lift installed in a public place. There is no charge for a lift installed in a private home. The applicant must state that the plant has been inspected by a competent person and is safe to operate (use).

It is compulsory that the lift in a public place be inspected annually by a competent person. WorkCover requires payment for registration as well as an annual fee.

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Wheelchair lift in 2 storey house
GST applies depending on medical condition
From $30,000


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