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Sorbothane Truck Seat

Sorbothane Truck Seat - UNAVAIL (Deleted)

This is a shock absorbing seat cushion that provides comfort.

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Features: Viscoelastic
  Sorbothane Truck Seat
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Last updated: Jan 8 2015

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. The cushion is made of a solid slab of Sorbothane enclosed in pads of
soft carpet and has an outer covering of strong fabric.
. Sorbothane is a unique visco elastic material.
. Although a solid, sorbothane mimics liquid properties, its viscous fluid
action causes it to "flow" and deform, forcing ripples of shock outwards
and away from the impact source.
. This cushion is designed as a truck seat to help minimise the engine and road vibration that truck drivers experience.
. The cushion constantly supports the drivers profile, and even small
muscular movements are transmitted within the cushion, which cause a
continual change of the pressure points, thus promoting a more even blood supply to the buttocks.
. This decreases driving fatigue and discomfort, as well as reducing the risk of pressure injuries.

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Sorbothane Australasia (Madison Sport Pty Ltd) Banyo, QLD, Australia Sales: 1800 640 096
Fax: 07 3370 3888
Toll Free: 1800 640 096
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