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Stable Table

Stable Table

A lightweight tray or desktop with attached cushion filled with polystyrene beads. Suitable for use in bed, chair or wheelchair.

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Features: Tray, Tremor
  Stable Table
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* Cushion covering: cotton or washable nylon
* Tray is vinyl with plastic frame finish which secures cushion
* Loose polystyrene filling of cushion allows it to fit comfortably on lap at desired angle
* Useful for reading, writing in bed, chair or wheelchair
* May be used as an eating tray when placed flat on the lap

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Independent Living & Mobility (Hipsaver) Woolloongabba, QLD Australia Sales: 1300 767 888
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Orthocare Pty Ltd (NSW rep) Burleigh Heads, QLD Australia Sales: 1800 226 445
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Victorian Home Healthcare Equipment (VHHE) / Mobile Repairs Croydon, VIC Australia Sales: 03 9725 6577
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