Who We Are

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Independent Living Centre NSW is a leading information, education, and advisory centre for Assistive Technology and the Built Environment. We are located in Westpoint Blacktown, NSW Australia and are a not-for-profit, community based organisation and Public Benevolent institution registered as a charity in New South Wales.

Our purpose is to inform people’s choices of assistive technology by providing impartial advice and information.

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Strategic Plan 2009-2012

Creating Tomorrow in Today's World

Our Board of Directors are responsible for providing ILC NSW with governance, strategic leadership and direction. Our Strategic Plan embodies this direction and is endorsed by the board at the beginning of each new planning cycle.

Each planning cycle covers a three-year period with the current plan covering the period from 1 July 2009 to 30 June 2012.

Download a copy of our current strategic plan: Towards Tomorrow 2009-2012

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ILC Australia

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ILC NSW is part of a collective national network alongside 6 other Independent Living Centres - one in each state, and one in ACT.

The ILCA’s role is to advance a federal agenda on issues and needs at a national level. The ILCA also provides information and advice to government and policymakers and raises awareness of the role assistive technology plays in maintaining health and wellbeing in the Australian community.

Learn more about the ILCA

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International Alliance

In 2008, the ILCA and therefore ILC NSW became the latest member to represent Australia of the International Alliance of Assistive Technology Information Providers.

The alliance was founded in Dublin on the 2nd September 2003 with the joint signature of a Memorandum of Understanding.

The alliance has the following objectives:

  • exchange of experience
  • improve and harmonise the access to information
  • harmonisation of the information infrastructure
  • provide for a worldwide access to the information
  • advance the service standard for the users of the system

Learn more about the International Alliance of Assistive Technology Providers