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Community Support Groups and Services

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Useful Publications

  • Falls Prevention information flyers for patients and consumers
    Developed by CEC (Clinical Excellence Commission), flyers can be downloaded from CEC website.
    Download Falls Prevention Flyers (4.3Mb, PDF format)

  • Livable Housing Design Guidelines
    Developed by Livable Housing Australia (LHA), guidelines can be downloaded from LHA website.
    Download Livable Housing Design Guidelines (4.3Mb, PDF format)

  • At Home with Dementia
    Information about caring for a person with dementia is available from the NSW Department of Family & Community Services - Ageing, Disability & Home Care (ADHC) website.
    Together with the Alzheimer's Australia NSW, ADHC has published a valuable resource booklet about dementia.
    Download At Home with Dementia (1.7Mb, PDF format)