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Independent Living Centres have been operating successfully in Britain since 1970 and similar centres are to be found in Scandanavia, Canada and USA.

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History of the ILC NSW

The setting up of Independent Living Centres in Australia followed the recommendations set out in the Woodhouse and Meares Report of 1974, as a Whitlam Government initiative. When the government changed, the Australian Association of Occupational Therapists, concerned that the concept would be lost, encouraged its State Associations to support the idea and develop plans to ensure such a service eventuated.

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The planning of an Independent Living Centre for New South Wales began officially in 1976 with the formation of a sub-committee of the ACROD NSW Liaison Committee on Aids and Information Services.

In 1978, the Board of the Royal Ryde Rehabilitation Hospital agreed to make premises available for the Centre, and the Northern Metropolitan Health Region of the Health Commission of NSW agreed to finance two positions, one full-time Occupational Therapist, and one part-time Clerk/Typist.

In September 1978, Ruth Grayson was appointed to establish the Centre, assisted by Joyce Westoby. The task of researching and documenting information then commenced.

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  1. September 1978
  2. Appointment of Ruth Grayson as Founding Director
  3. April 1981
  4. Official Opening of the Independent Living Centre NSW by The Hon Neville Wran, QC, MP, Premier of NSW
  5. October 1984
  6. Launch of Independent Living journal
  7. February 1990
  8. Appointment of Charlotte Smedley as Director
  9. 1990
  10. Incorporation of ILC NSW as an independent association
  11. June 1991
  12. Achievement of Charitable Status
  13. July 1991
  14. ILC INFORM became officially available to all Independent Living Centres
  15. June 1992
  16. Funding for development of information database
  17. August 1992
  18. Acceptance by Nick Farr-Jones to become Patron
  19. August 1994
  20. Acceptance by Ms Pat O'Shane to become Patron
  21. 1995
  22. ILC Access Consultancy commenced
  23. April 1995
  24. Launch of the Mobile Unit
  25. 1996
  26. Appointment of Jean Fagan as Director
  27. January 1997
  28. Transfer of funding and service agreement from NSW Health to Ageing & Disability Dept.
  29. June 1998
  30. Appointment of Jane Bringolf as Executive Director
  31. November 1998
  32. Windows version of ILC Magic developed with assistance from ILC South Australia and launched. Subscriptions sales of ILC Magic on CD ROM.
  33. June 1998
  34. Decommissioning of Mobile Unit. Focus now on community development, Info-Line and Website.
  35. July 2000
  36. Launch of the first ILC NSW Website
  37. March 2000
  38. ILC Education and Training commenced
  39. August 2001
  40. ILC NSW registered as a training organisation with the NSW Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board
  41. January 2001
  42. Help Desk set up in display centre to assist casual visitors, and Info-Line staff moved upstairs to a call centre
  43. 2001
  44. Received funds from Home and Community Care Program for provision of telephone advice about home modifications, fixtures and fittings
  45. 2002
  46. Decision to become a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2002, to be effective at the beginning of the new financial year in 2003.
  47. 2003
  48. Assisted Australian Association of Occupational Therapists NSW with development of competency standards for occupational therapists undertaking home modifications
  49. April 2004
  50. Centre relocated to the Northcott Society building to purpose built premises in Parramatta
  51. August 2004
  52. New premises and display area officially opened by Minister Carmel Tebbutt
  53. June 2005
  54. Launch of National ILC website by Telstra Disability Services
  55. 2008
  56. Robyn Chapman appointed Chief Executive Officer
  57. 2008
  58. Received funds to redevelop website to meet the information needs of rural allied health professionals.
  59. 2009
  60. New website and web-based Assistive Technology database "@magic" launched
  61. April 2012
  62. Centre relocated to Westpoint Blacktown
  63. December 2012
  64. Official opening of ILCNSW display which includes an apartment built to the Livable Housing Design Guidelines
  65. October 2013
  66. Launch of ILCNSW facebook
  67. February 2014
  68. Minister Ajaka visited the Blacktown Display and launched the virtual display on ILCNSW website
  69. June 2015
  70. ASQA approved the inclusion of ILCNSW Home Mods course on our RTO scope. We starts offering a 2 day national recognised competency course for built environment and allied health professionals.