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Strategic Plan 2012-2015

Our Board of Directors are responsible for providing ILC NSW with strategic leadership and direction. Our Strategic Plan embodies this direction and is endorsed by the board at the beginning of each new planning cycle.

Each planning cycle covers a three-year period with the current plan covering the period from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2015.

Our Short Term Objectives are:

  • to Ensure that our service delivery models person centred practice and develop resources to build consumer capacity in decision making
  • to Increase the breath and scope of our skills and knowledge base across the spectrum of Assistive Technologies AT
  • to Develop our Registered Training Organisations and Access Consultancy activities so they sustain the core business

Our Long Term Objectives and Organisational Purposes are:

  • to Provide impartial advice, information and leadership on assistive technology that builds possibilities for choices
  • Knowing our customers
  • Delivering valued information, products and services
  • Leading in AT and the built environment
  • Building sustainable organisation