Assistive Technology

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ILC Second Hand AT Register

The second hand AT register contains a list of Assistive Technology equipment offered for sale by the public.
It may include personal care items, wheelchairs (manual and powered), scooters, chairs, walking aids, ramps, hoists, transport equipment and beds.
It is updated regularly and each listing usually stay on the register for about three months.

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Advertising your equipment on this register is FREE.

If you would like to advertise an item for sale in the register:

For more information about buying Second-hand Equipment,
Download ILC Guidelines for Buying Second-Hand Equipment for People with Disability
Download ILC @ a Glance Guide about Buying Second-hand Equipment

If you find the above Guidelines and @ a Glance Guide interesting and informative, you can find more of them on various topics from:

** Note:
The ILC Second-Hand AT Register is a free service offered by the Independent Living Centre NSW. The register is intended for use by individuals to help them selling their no longer-needed equipment. Non-profit organisations are also welcome to use this Register. However, it must be used for non-profit purposes. If you are not clear about this policy, please contact ILCNSW to discuss it further.