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#1 Mobile Technology for Communication

Mobile technology is portable and can be used to communicate over a distance as in telecommunications devices. It can also help with communication in face-to-face situations where someone might have speech impairment or might be difficult to understan

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A Livable Design Display

ILCNSW has built a full sized one bedroom apartment, with home modifications in situ, into the new display at Blacktown. Built to the Livable Housing Design Guidelines, showcasing assistive technology devices, with high tech as well as simplle good design

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Checklist for Home Design

When modifying or building a home, it is important that it suits your current, future and changing needs. Design that caters for possible changes, such as using assistive equipment, can save time and money, ensuring the home is suitable in the long-term.

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Communication is essential for everyday living. Where a person has difficulty in speaking, there are strategies to assist.

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Dressing Aids

Are fasteners tricky? Do you have difficulty in dressing & undressing?

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Energy Conservation

This Guide shows you how to conserve your energy through more efficient movement and reduction of unnecessary activities. By making the most of your energy, you can complete more activities.

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Falls Prevention

Around 60% of falls occur in or around the home. There are ways and aids to help reduce risk of falls.

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Creating and maintaining a garden can become more challenging as we get older. Here are some ways of making gardening easier and safer.

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Joint Protection

Joint protection means caring for your joints by reducing excess stress that can structurally change or damage your joints.
It might involve using adaptive equipment, changing the environment or modifying activities.

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Office Ergonomics

Ergonomics is about creating a safe and efficient environment for people. By adapting the environment or equipment, people can perform tasks more effectively and safely, whilst preventing injury.

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