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A Livable Design Display - ILC Smart Apartment

ILCNSW has built a full sized one bedroom apartment, with home modifications in situ, into the new display at Blacktown. Built to the Livable Housing Design Guidelines, showcasing assistive technology devices, with high tech as well as simplle good design

Download ILCNSW_Display_Apartment.pdf (476.8 KB)

Buying Second-hand Equipment

Buying used items or second-hand items can save you money but does not provide the same consumer protection rights as when buying new items. It is important to check the product’s condition before buying or accepting second-hand goods.

Download 20_Buying_2H_Equipment.pdf (340.4 KB)

Checklist for Home Design

When modifying or building a home, it is important that it suits your current, future and changing needs. Design that caters for possible changes, such as using assistive equipment, can save time and money, ensuring the home is suitable in the long-term.

Download 13_Checklist_for_Home_Design.pdf (344.8 KB)


Communication is essential for everyday living. Where a person has difficulty in speaking, there are strategies to assist.

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Dressing Aids

Are fasteners tricky? Do you have difficulty in dressing & undressing?

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Energy Conservation

This Guide shows you how to conserve your energy through more efficient movement and reduction of unnecessary activities. By making the most of your energy, you can complete more activities.

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Factors to Consider

Assistive Technology (AT) is any piece of equipment or system whether acquired commercially, off the shelf, modified or customised that allows an individual to perform a task that they would otherwise be unable to do, or increase the ease and safety with

Download 18_Factors_to_Consider.pdf (372.7 KB)

Falls Prevention

Around 60% of falls occur in or around the home. There are ways and aids to help reduce risk of falls.

Download 14_Falls_Prevention.pdf (435.6 KB)

Funding Options NSW

This Guide lists the funding options and assistances available for NSW residents.

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Creating and maintaining a garden can become more challenging as we get older. Here are some ways of making gardening easier and safer.

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